Clark and Cindy


Arthritis is Not A Sentence to Inactivity

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I've been on a very intentional health journey for about six years now.  It started when my brother suggested I get off the couch and get active.  I started on the journey with a book titled Younger Next Year.  You can look it up.  It's cheap on Amazon. I highly recommend it.
I weighed in at 230 pounds.  Slowly and steadily I went to 170.  From there I began swimming, biking and running.  Some call it "Triathlon."  August, 2011, I raced 6 laps of the pool, jumped on a fat tired mountain bike for a  9 mile ride, and then  a 3.1 mile run through the streets of New Port Richey , Florida.  I am a "Coteeman!"
Then on Thursday,October 29, 2013 I turned 60.  That Sunday, November 2, 2013 I ran in Ironman Florida, Panama City Beach, and at 11:02:43 PM I heard my name over the PA system, "  Clark Parry, 60 years old, from Holiday, Florida, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!"  Indeed a pinnacle.  
I have since competed in Ironman Lake Placid, NY 2014 and 2016.  Ironman Chattanooga 2015, and various other 70.3, Olyimpic, and Sprint Triathlons.
"Now this," as the newscaster says.  I finally have seen a doctor about my chronic issues that sent me to the sofa in 2001.  Turns out there was a reason I thought I should be on the sofa.  Stenosis.  Arthritis, Degenerative osteo hips.  Bone on bone.  My mind is spinning for all the terms I've been hearing..
So what can I do?  First thing I have done is to pray.  I continue to seek God's voice in all this.  I truly believe there is Glory to be found here, and it's all about God's gracious love and mercy toward me.  Here's what I believe God is suggesting.
Do what worked for you before.  Stay active.  Re-invent yourself again.  My race number for Augusta 70.3 last weekend was #3320.  I like to look up a Bible passage that attends my number.  This one was easy:
Psalm 33:20 "So I will wait for the Lord.  He helps me and protects me." Psalm 33:20 (You can look it up, it's a paraphrase)
Ah ha!  So, today after reading a post on Arthritis and the Runner, it was suggested that one use a "Run-Walk" method.  So, Cindy and I ran our 4 miles with the Striders this morning, two minutes of running, one minute of walking.  Do that again... and one more time... and again... you can do this.  One hour and three minutes later, 4 miles done.
Oh, and this just happened.  I signed up for Ironman Chattanooga, September 24  2017. 
So, here we go again.  This will be where I chronicle my next journey from here to there, with God's help.  Come along for the swim, bike, run with me as I show "Arthur-Itis" who's boss!
Grace and Peace
Clark (and Cindy)