Back to (Lower Back) Basics

I realized today that I had strayed from the path to less pain in my back. When I had first lost a bunch of weight, and was exercising regularly, my back felt a lot better. My ability to do those things was at a higher level. I could run faster, ride farther, and felt pretty darn good! Then I got a little overconfident. I thought I can leave the weight lifting aside, I’m getting plenty of exercise in the swimming, biking and running. Big mistake on two fronts. A person cannot out-train poor nutrition. I had let some unhealthy food choices back into my life. That’s the first BIG THING. The second BIG THING is dropping the functional core workouts with resistance from my routine. So, last week, and continuing on this week, I’m back in the YMCA gym. Weight training is more than just for muscles, it’s for endurance, strong bones, and it is a huge calorie burn. So I’m getting back into the routine of adding some exercises back into my routine.

Oh, and did you ever notice there are always THREE BIG THINGS. The Third BIG THING, is count it all gain. It’s not I had failed, I had just failed to keep training, and the third big thing is pick yourself up and get back into the active lifestyle that works. For me that means keeping a healthy weight, and that means a little weight training to go with my swim, bike, and run.

What’s your ACTIVE? What are your THREE BIG THINGS? See you in the gym.

Grace and Peace