Hi, My Name is Cindy: I was a Reluctant Runner

Greetings from a former reluctant runner! I was very happy when my husband decided to lose some weight and get active. I also could have killed him when he joined the Suncoast Striders Running Club and suggested that I “come out and meet the people”. Ugh. I was not interested in running or any kind of exercise. I rarely sit down and I am always doing something. Why, why, why would I want to meet a bunch of runners? I am not just his wife I am also his team mate. I went and met this happy, sweaty, chatty group of runners. I walked a bit that first day. And the next time I walked a bit more and after a few weeks I did my first 5K in 59 minutes. I think that was October of 2011. Now I am one of those happy, sweaty, chatty runners. Gotta Run!

PS : Clark Here: She is far too humble. She has since run the Buffalo Half Marathon, Clearwater Marathon, and the Croom Zoom 31 mile Trail Run. She is my Iron Woman. We are a team. True that: she never stops moving. She is an inspiration, my running partner, and “Cheerful Little Earful.” I believe you will look forward to getting to know her.