Hip to 2019

It is now 4 weeks post total bilateral hip replacement for Clark.  We won’t sugar coat it, the first week post surgery was tough.  Even though Clark went into this surgery in great shape there were some 
“dark nights of the soul.”  He was diligent to lose 10# going in, was in great shape, he was teaching spin classes right up to the Friday before his surgery.  New hips on December 10, 2018 and here we are January 3, 2019 trying to get a vision for 2019.

Thank you Cindy for taking great care of me, especially that first week, wow talk about helplessness.  Cindy did EVERYTHING for me.  She’d haul on that Gait Belt to pull my sorry butt out of a chair, put my clothes on me, and kept me motivated to get up and move even if I didn’t feel like it.  I think it’s made her a better coach.  We’ll soon see, our CARES Health and Wellness classes resume next week!

Gradually, moment by moment and day by day, and by God’s grace, Clark got stronger and stronger.  Walker, walker, everywhere by walker.  Then, a little less walker.  Then walking poles.  Now he’s free form!  Out to church the Sunday post surgery, and every Sunday since.  A short drive around our quiet streets in our quiet little park.  Then an errand to the bank.  Finally a drive to Brooksville for Christmas Dinner with our church family.  We had four in-home visits from a Physcal Therapist.  Today is our first outpatient visit at Dr. Hanff’s Florida Joint Care Institute.

So, we are seeing our vision take shape.  We’ve got big 20:20 vision for 2019, now to put in the little goals.  Clark will know more today after an evaluation from the PT.  Now quarter mile walks, maybe 3/4 next week…a mile…a mile or two…3 miles…a 5k by….March

Cindy has already zoned in on a 1000 mile challenge.  She and Maureen have hallucinated to run 1000 miles in 2019.  That will be about 19 miles each week.  That’s three days a week running a little over 6 miles each day.  She ran 1026.2 miles in 2014.  She’ll be 67 by the time this challenge ends!!  Clark has his sights set on Clermont 1/3 Ironman in October.  That will be a .8 mile swim and 51 mile bike ride.  His hip will be 100% by July first.  It will be very important for him to adhere to a strict plan.  This is a life-time investment.  No easy fix if these hips go bum.  These hips will have to last a lifetime!!  Why not.  Some weight goals for him.  The less weight these hips gotta carry around the better.  Stay tuned!  What’s your plan?  What’s your VISION?  Drop us a line.  Love, Clark and Cindy