Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Sometimes it take a major storm to get our attention. This season has been no different. A series of hurricanes has marched across the Atlantic like never before. Although Cindy and I have lived in Florida for 12 years now, this was our first experience with a hurricane, and Irma was certainly a big one!

Be prepared, it has been said. From the looks of the grocery store shelves, we live in a last minute society. Even people who are seasoned residents of Florida seemed in need of something. Then the response to our instant news cycle. The danger so real, we decided to leave town. Then we regretted our decision.

Storms pass. It is important to consider the take away knowledge we have from this experience. Guess who has purchased a generator. Guess who is being more informed about shelters and shelter in place options for our neighborhood.

Guess who is planning to eat better during the next storm.

My nutrition suffered during the storm. Not because of what food was available, but my nervous eating as a comfort issue. Eating under stress food I would not normally eat. It wasn’t necessary.

I will have to say I did keep active during the storm. I took our Resistance Trainer on our evacuation, strung it up in the hotel room, and did my 4×25 push+pull+squat+plank routine. We went for a walk on the beach, and I managed a long swim in the Gulf of Mexico, well north of The Keys at Panama City Beach.

Well, we actually have another full month of hurricane season around here. Gotta Run! We have clients who are back into their fitness routines. We are glad for that. We’re just adding a hint of preparedness for the next big event. It is sure to be lurking out there. Either in the Atlantic Ocean or the winds of change that surround us all.

Grace and Peace