Mistaken Identity

Being the youngest of five daughters many times my father called me by my four sisters names until he got to me. Auntie Eleanor always called me Suzy. Suzy is my sister. One time many years ago when I was much, much younger I was mistaken for a country singer in Wheeling, West Virginia. The most recent case of mistaken identity happened to me on Saturday at the Mock tri in Fort Desoto. I was running, working on my 5K. I saw a runner behind me and knew that she would be catching me soon. Sure enough she did and when she got beside me she said,” It probably goes without saying you are quite an inspiration!” I replied “Thanks.” She took a few steps past me and turned around and started running backwards and asked me “Have you ever heard of the Iron Nun?” “Yes.” I chuckled. “I have heard of the Iron Nun.” A few more steps and she says “Are you the Iron Nun?” Laughing out loud. I say, “No. I am not

the Iron Nun.” By then we had reached the turn around and she ran all the way back with me. We chatted all the way. Now sister Madonna Buder has 45 Ironman Triathlons to her credit. She is 86. I have 4 sprints and 2 mock Tris to my credit and I am 64. I am wondering…..do I look 86 running ahead of you or do I look 86 when you are running backwards in front of me?