New Strategies

On Saturday, October 21, 2017 Cindy and I entered a new era of fitness.  After the October 2016 Race in Clermont, I registered for this race.  During the course of the year the arthritis in my hips got painfully worse and worse.  It became clear that my running had become a painful jog.  The Great Floridian features a number of options for racing.  One of them is the relay.  The race organizers were kind enough to allow me to change my individual entry to a relay entry, and the race was on!  I would swim the one mile course and ride the 37 mile bike route.  Then Cindy would take over the timing chip and run the 9 mile figure eight course.

Cindy here:  I casually remarked that I could probably run the nearly nine mile loop as I had been running 6 miles most Tuesdays and Thursdays. So sure enough Clark signed me onto the relay.  I felt confident that I could do it and it is all for fun and fitness right?  Right!  It got really hot by afternoon when I was to get started.  I don’t really enjoy running in the heat, but I knew it would be hot and it is only for a couple of hours.  No problem.  I like to cheer on the volunteers as much as they cheer me on.  It helps.  By mile 5 I noticed my hands were starting to swell.  Huh?  I have never experienced this before.  As soon as I finished I headed straight for the ice pool and plunged my hands in it.  That took the swelling right down.  Over all it was a great day.  Next time I won’t spend all day on my feet in the heat.  I will find a cool shady place to relax and wait my turn.  I am still puzzled about the swelling, but it seems to be quite common among athletes.  

Clark again:  Well, it was a new experience for me to go from swimmer, to biker to sherpa.  While Cindy and Maureen were out running in the heat I got the bikes put on the car then enjoyed watching the finishers come in.  (That’s Cindy finishing for us in the above picture!)  I swam the course in an identical time from last year, a little slower on the bike.  Two interesting PRs.  One climb and one downhill.  I let the brakes out on the last descent into Clermont and it was exciting !! The climb was notable due to the heat.  I am wearing my TENS unit on bike rides now.  It does seem to help the L-4 and L-5 stay a little quieter and lots less sciatic nerve pain.  Next up, May 2018 in Chattanooga 70.3.  Swim 1.2 miles  for me, then a 56 mile bike and Cindy a 13.1 mile run.

My take away:  keep moving.  Do what you can do.  I love my wife !  Cindy knows how much I enjoy the races, and I am blessed to have a partner willing to join into the fray with me.  Thanks Lucinda, you’re the best.