Summer Sunsets and Other Reasons to Workout

One night on the pool deck while coaching four triathletes getting ready for Fort DeSoto Triathlon #2 this was the sight that greeted us.  Everyone stopped their drills and laps just to wonder at the beauty.  It’s not just about the Heart Rate and Time and distance we swim, bike, or run it’s about the beauty of God’s Creation.

This particular workout is scheduled for 8 PM to 9 PM.  Lot’s of folks are sitting down to evening TV or time with family or computer time, but these four athlete’s are getting their one hour workout in.  It’s because that’s  what they can do.  One had spent a long day with her kids, but stepped out for this workout while her husband took over the household chores.  One came right from work, and. Another couple dropped their kids off at the YMCA Childcare and slipped into the water to get their session in.  The kids will be fine for an hour, and they’ll never remember NOT going to the YMCA for some quality time with new friends in the nursery while their parents stay fit and healthy for everyone’s gain.

Another Tri couple is crafting a plan to race the Triathlon at Fort DeSoto “together.”  They’ll wait in transition for the other to arrive, then head out on the bike together, then run the 5k (3.1 miles) TOGETHER.  They are inspiring all of us with their more than upbeat and healthy “mid life crisis.”  They will inspire one another along the way.

Find your reason for fitness.  Get off the couch and “Come on in , The Water’s Fine!”

Clark and Cindy are Swim Bike Run Coaches and triathletes.